ITOBA (Indiana Thoroughbred Owner's and Breeder's Association) is a non-profit membership organization that was founded in 1992 as the official authorized representative of Thoroughbred Owners and Breeders in the state of Indiana. It is ITOBA’s objective to promote and encourage the growth of the Thoroughbred Industry in Indiana.
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Anticipation is Building
Trainers, Owners, and Racing fans, alike, are anxiously awaiting the opening of Indiana Grand Thoroughbred and Quarter Horse Race Track. How is that statement anymore true this year than in years past? The biggest change is all of the changes that have occurred to the track since the close of the 2013 Season. Since the enactment of the one track, one breed movement, the racing surfaces no longer need to be laid and removed each year. This, in turn, allowed Centaur and Indiana Grand, with the help of nationally recognized experts Butch Lear, and Dr. Michael “Mick” Peterson the ability to create a long term track with safety and design at its foundation. The knowledge and experience these experts bring, along with the investment made by Centaur Gaming and CEO, Rod Ratcliff, Indiana Grand will be able to provide a track surface that rivals some of the very best.  
Speaking with Centaur Gaming CEO, Rod Ratcliff, I found that while the track is of the highest priority, it is but a piece of the total renovation project. He was delighted to run down the list of many improvements that will be seen at Indiana Grand. A New $1M tote board and video screen will be center focus. The track side view will show off restructured landscaping while the inside of the club house will be lined with all new flat screen monitors for fans to keep an eye on the action. 
Some track owners would stop with the improvements made where the public can enjoy them. However, Mr. Ratcliff has continued his company’s investment to benefit those working along the backside of the track. At the request of the horsemen, the receiving barn will receive $100K worth of improvements, most of these to establish greater air flow. Additional lighting and ventilation improvements are being made to all of the existing barns. And, $5.2M has been dedicated to the building of four new barns that add 304 more stalls to the count. Resident dorms will be improved as the current dorms undergo a $200K renovation, and a $2.1M new dorm structure will create 45 additional rooms. Rather than continuing to outsource its kitchen, Centaur will be running the track kitchen. This change has begun with a $50-100K reformation.  
The voice of the horsemen has contributed to more than what changes needed to be made along the back side of the track. Negotiating bodies have taken into account the horsemen’s call for a more stable Indiana Program. Indiana has established a deal that dedicates to the program 12% of Centaur Gaming’s AGR over a guaranteed 7 years.  
Rod Ratcliff is a supporter of the Indiana Horseman and our Indiana Racing Program. He explains, “You want to know why I respect you so much? Racing is the way I got it.” He has relied on the support of the horsemen and now, the horsemen’s share will increase proportionally. There is a new level of cooperation and progress between the Track and the Horsemen’s Associations never before seen. There are improvements being implemented and goals for more to come. Just as the program was designed to do, what is an exciting improvement to the Indiana Horse Racing Industry, is a positive impact to Indiana, as a whole.


2014 ITOBA Stallion Season Auction
Updated list of stallions still available

Thank you to everyone who donated or purchased seasons in our ITOBA Stallion Season Auction. The stallion seasons purchased will now make the 2015 progeny eligible for ITOBA's 2018 Stallion Season Auction Stakes Race (nomination fees apply for each entered runner).
Below is an updated list of stallion seasons that are still available for purchase at auction prices.  To find out more or purchase one of these seasons, please call 317-709-1100.

Aspen Ridge
Bye Bye Crafty
Carnacks Colony
Flatter Me Blue
Perfect Shower
Quarter Given
Quite A Handful
Storm Account
Williams Kitten


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​2014 Stallion Stakes as of November
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